a bit of inspiration

this weekend my family and phil went down to my sister's graduation in loma linda. she' s now a dentist (like my dad!). this summer is full of graduations, weddings, and trips (russia + sweden!), so it's going to be a bit busy. also, my boy got a job at my most FAVORITE cafe ever, sally loo's. if you know me well and you ask what I'm craving, the answer will always be an acai bowl and iced vanilla latte. anywhoooo. . .
via where the lovely things are.
hello beautiful soul.
na nin vintage lookbook
so gorgeous!
great colors via persuit aesthetic
scout & catalogue

hound / between wind and water

this one might be my next etsy purchase, can you tell I'm a sucker for arrows?

parker fitzgerald added me on fb the other day and I had a "omgosh me? i love your work, sniff" moment, haha! embarrassing but he is one cool lad.

something nice for your ears . . . and eyes ;)

I need your feedback! what posts are your favorite? do you like inspiration posts? I'm trying to revamp my blog a bit and get more involved with the blogging community, so don't be shy and say hello.


  1. i am new to your blog, but i love this post. The last photo is pure delight.

  2. Perfect inspiration post, love it!


  3. I love inspiration posts, you seem to find such lovely images! <3

    Mm, vanilla lattes...

  4. I love your inspiration posts - the stuff you find is awesome! I also think it'd be sweet the hear more about your own life, family, happenings, etc.

  5. what a beautiful post. so many wonderful things to stare at!

  6. I love that you have a diversity of posts. Your inspiration posts are great (:

  7. I LOVE inspiration posts! There are so many pretty things I dont even know what to comment on!

    <3 Sarah

  8. how wonderful for your sister!!
    i am completely in love with those white scalloped shorts..swoon.

  9. there is a great bit of inspiration here

  10. ahh devendraaa….
    yes! I LOVE your posts! All of them, especially the inspiration posts! you should do more, typical day of yours post. :)?

    and where did you find that canvas bag??its very cute! ive been looking for the perfect one!

    ps. vanilla lattes are my absolute favorite drink. i get that anytime of day, almost everyday.

  11. Isabel Lucas looks amazing in those scalloped shorts! Gosh she's stunning.

  12. Oh man, that first photo of the two ladies is so amazing... I put it on my tumblr a few days ago and I've been obsessed ever since! As for what I'd like to see more of on your blog... just more of your pretty face and lovely vintage collection! More more more, haha. Everything you're doing is already super wonderful. :)


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