I steal my boyfriend's fancy iphone to use instagram because I'm obsessed. so, this is the typical day in the life of taylor. and as you can tell, it usually is filled with a lot of coffee.

today in the mail I recieved the CUTEST bracelet from a gal on etsy, stefeny stanyer. I'm a fan of anything gold and leafy.

the drive-in is my new favorite place. I've always hated movie theatres (no personal space, too smelly, over priced food, no talking) so this is a great alternative where you can be cozy and talk as much as you want!
taking willow on a walk in my new favorite dress ( I have lots of "new favorite dresses" don't I? ha!

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  1. I have never been to a drive in but it looks like so much fun! I love your new dress, its so cute!

    <3 Sarah

  2. i love drive-in's.. the last movie i saw at the drive-in was Gremlins. hahaha. it was awhile ago. :)

  3. Drive-ins are fantastic. Such old school charm in film. And your new dress is darling!

    much love.

  4. this looks like the best day. Drive ins for all xxx

  5. cute photos taylor! that lovely bracelet has been on my mind for weeks, i think i might put it on my birthday list!

  6. oh, i love instagram, i'm addicted as well and i think i actually prefer it to hipstamatic :D
    my favourite filters are nashville and earlybird i think, but just playing around with them is so much fun!
    i've never been to a drive in cinema (and i don't think there is one around here either), but it sounds perfect, a little bit like grease ;)

  7. oh my looks like one of the loveliest days. i wish there was a drive-in near me!
    loove that bracelet.

  8. ADORE this post...and dying for what I think is a pain au chocolat now, haha.

    Lela London - Fashion Blog

  9. I am a touch instagram obsessed myself... its rather addictive. Such pretty filters. Very glad i found you blog, its beautiful!

  10. I just stumbled across your blog so I thought I would say hi~ I love day in the life posts! And I think your doggie is the sweetest big puppy I have ever seen!

    My days are filled with coffee too! I think most of my pictures are of cups of coffee... And breakfasts!

  11. this post makes me happy! like lyndall above i too love personal posts!

    i wonder if i have the wrong instagram app....all it shows is other peoples photos, not an option to take them yourself. hmm! haha xx


  12. oh man! i wish there was a drive in around here! looks great!

  13. These makes me wish I had an iPhone even more! Lovely, lovely.


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