I've had a nasty cold/virus/flu thing since Monday so I haven't been doing too much. I am finally getting over it, though, yay! Today I woke up to the rain (FAVORITE), went on a bike ride, had good food, went on a hike, walked on the pier, thrifted, and lots of other things I like to do. When I'm sick I feel like I miss out on all good things so I kinda squeezed them into one day, haha. And can I just say that I've been the thrifting queen lately? Gettin' so lucky!!

I feel like the blog world is SO slow lately... or maybe just mine?


  1. Super slow! Sometimes I feel like it's just, not what it used to be, ya know? Maybe that's just me. Anyways, I'm glad you are feeling better my dear. Because I get to see you soon!!

  2. oh these pictures are really cozy looking and nice!
    i do agree though, i feel that no one is really "blogging" anymore and i really miss snail and the cyclops....well get better soon! x

  3. lovely photos! i wish my day was more like yours, even though you were sick!

    i think the blogosphere seems sorta slow too..hmm...

  4. Hmnn....drooling! the food looks delicious. Is it a stew? I'm happy that you've gooten over the flu. I would say i do enjoy the things you enjoy too! Just went on a bike ride the other day with my husband and had a wonderful time visiting friends and family, had barbecue, went to a japanese market, but sad to say i havent been thrifting lately :( maybe when the rain stops. it's been raining here for the past 3 days, nice to get warm and cozy under the covers :)hope you have good weekend!

  5. The blog world has been a bit slow lately.. Well I know I've been quite bad at updating lately. Happy you're on the mend though!

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