1) I love the colors and setting 2) Good reminder 3) You know some artist that you are completely late on the game with? St. Vincent is one of those. Where have you been all my life, Annie? 4) Love this ring, it doesn't love me. Only size 5 left, shoot.

1) Pretty hair idea 2) J Crew, I like you 3) I could go for a latte about now 4) Cute stuff

Other nice things. . .
>A good pal of my boyfriend's band, Wesley Jensen, released a new CD and it is very deserving of your ears. You can listen here.
> This banana muffin recipe via Destined to Design looks tasty
>This leaves me aching for Oregon... Anja seems to do that a lot.
>Phil and I are day trippin' it up to Big Sur this week for my birthday. Eeee!


  1. That ring is so pretty! I want!

  2. St. Vincent is definitely an incredible artist! I love the way she incorporates her soft singing with the heavy guitar. I also love her style!

    Lovely post - that hair picture is gorgeous! ^^

  3. I'm seeing this post at the end of Friday but it will give me a nice Saturday!

  4. I saw St. Vincent play last summer and I was blown away! Also your blog is lovely-glad I found it!:)

  5. I love the girl's sweater in the first photo. And that hairstyle is so cute, it's like little flowers! I'll have to try it sometime :)

  6. What a lovely post, I like the picture with the braided hair pp

  7. So much inspiration, I'm definitely going to be trying that new hairstyle.

  8. I love that ring! I'm currently loving St Vincent. Her voice is truly beautiful.


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