I am currently working on a few projects and am shutting down my old handmade shop and opening up a brand new one. One with a whole new name (without the name deer in it. . . finally!) and more modern stuffs. The question is Big Cartel vs. Etsy? I love etsy for my vintage shop, but I think it would be fun to switch it up. Which do you prefer to shop at?


  1. I shop at both and find them both easy to use so I don't think it'll make too much difference for the consumer, it's just whatever will work for you :) LOVE that necklace in the top pic!

  2. I've never shopped at bigcartel, but I very much like their simple minimal layout and the way you can make your shop a little personalised.
    Wherever you end up, I'll be buying that bracelet in the last photo!

  3. you have gorgeous things and i know that no matter what you choose, people will buy. like me :)

  4. I don't know much about big cartel (although I've bought from there), but I don't think you can add favs, or treasury lists? And etsy suggests things to buy too, as well as just general search function. I guess you have to ask how 'visible' your product will be?
    I like etsy because I can fav things.

  5. looks like a pretty project!

    i use etsy more often when i'm searching for things... but the buying experience is equally easy, on both, i think.


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