g i v e a w a y

hello friends.

because all of you are so wonderful and kind, I decided to give away this little feather brooch. this brooch is made out of a peasant feather and a vintage button.

to enter just leave me a comment, saying pretty much anything. suggestions for my blog, shop, a little fact about yourself, or something funny that happened to you today. for a bonus entry, 'like' my blog on facebook!

the winner will be chosen randomly on april 10. please note, this giveaway is for U.S. residents only! sorry to all my international readers!

click here to shop Little Deer Handmade! right now I am working on a spring line that includes silk millinery floral crowns and headbands made of vintage velvet and floral ribbon!


  1. it's so pretty!

    i already like your facebook page & your blog is my favorite blog to read :)

    enjoy the sunshine!

  2. This is so pretty!

    I love your blog. And I love your shop :)

    Nothing 'funny' happened to me today...but I did get a waffle iron...so it was a good day. :D

  3. I just recently stumbled upon your blog. So delightful! You are an inspiration, as silly as it might sound!

  4. oh my gosh your spring line sounds amazing!
    today is a good day. my roomie pal and i found a really cute little apartment! wooopwoop, finally!

    x anna

  5. that is so chic! I love your blog. Thanks for having a giveaway!:)

  6. i have liked your page on facebook :)
    your blog is lovely and i admire you so much. i hope that one day my blog will be as wonderful and amazing as yours :)
    i hope your day is lovely


  7. well, today I just got my wisdom teeth pulled actualy :) but my daddy brought me flowers and I'm sitting here reading blogs and listening to pretty music, so it's a good day.
    I love your blog and shops!
    Love, Clara

  8. i love your outfit shots! more please :)

    and thanks for the giveaway!!


  9. I just finished off my last roll of film today so I'm pretty excited about developing it tonight.

    That brooch is lovely!


  10. So cute! Funny thing that happened to me today - I named all of my co-workers as different animals in the circus because, well, our job is like the circus! Its crazy!

  11. The broach is darling! I'm already dreaming of it sitting pretty on my spring jackets. :)

    I saw a completely normal looking man wearing pink hello kitty underwear over his running pants today.

  12. You know I love the shop! :)
    I have gotten so many compliments on the shoes and dress I bought from you! Have a super day!

  13. I liked your Facebook page! & nothing too funny happened recently worth sharing about, except i was horrible in high school as far as turning in my assignments and yesterday i got a call that i was accepted into the university i applied for on an academic scholarship for their rigorous pre-med program! pretty ironic i go from unmotivated student to being a doctor before i'm 30! and wouldn't that brooch look great on my studious outfits ;)



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