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how is everyone doing on this fine evening? I've been redoing shop pictures and adding a lot more, so check it all out! making jewelry is my favorite thing to do. it's so relaxing and makes you feel so accomplished! I think the reason why I sell everything so cheap in my handmade store, well relatively cheap, is because I actually LIKE to package it and write little notes to people, plus I love making it! if I had an endless supply of cash I would send each and every one of you a little package with a handmade goodie inside of it. and I'm not just sayin' that!

by mariam sitchinava

an old photo
george & patti

oh, joy!


just found this beautiful series of photos by the talented parker fitzgerald. I recommend checking them all out, because it was hard to narrow down to just two. how cute is this couple!?




what a beautiful place to live in. I love the white walls with the wood and all of that nice light! (via design sponge)

for your eyes & ears

I also want to introduce you all to my newest sponsors, liss of daydream lily and emma from but, honestly. daydream lily is a blog that actually inspired me to create this one in the very beginning! but, honestly is a beautiful blog full of inspiration, fashion and photography. check them out!


  1. I am loving the first photo, sooooo cute!

  2. I love everything by Mariam Sitchinava, so talented and always gorgeous photographs.

  3. I LOVE ANGUS & JULIA STONE! You've no doubt heard "Big Jet Plane" ? I have a vintage wall atlas on my wall, and painted the lyrics from the song on it! It's a really beautiful song.

  4. George & Patti look adorable!

    Camila F.

  5. I really love your weekly inspirations! It's all so interesting.


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