starting the day off right, we ate at honeymoon cafe where I had a delicious bagel topped with avocado, eggs, cheese, and lots of tapatio (I'm an addict; I have packets of it in my purse!). then we went thrifting where I found the most darling hat, which I don't think I can let go of. the rainy day was perfect because I got to prance around in my new toggle peacoat.

I found this lacy ribbon at my favorite antique shop, the green vase. I take so many pictures there you all probably think I live there (I wish!).

faux fur stole (20). edelweiss headband (7)
sewing up some more... question to all of you: add a button or leave it plain on the next?

listening to: train song/feist & ben gibbard


  1. i think you should add a button :)

  2. Oh my! I am in love with Train Song! so beautiful. I learned to play it on guitar last fall! try some buttons and see how it goes! :) Whatever you do will be lovely!!!

  3. I say button. Buttons are adorable.
    (I think you just described my dream bagel, by the way... Avocado makes everything better.)

  4. I love Honeymoon cafe! The one in Pismo?


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