a small etsy update.

hello everyone! so, i bought this wonderful 1950's victor costa dress a few years back, and i just love it! the problem is, i really have no where to wear it to and it doesn't fit me right! what a bummer, because it was one of my more pricey buys. anyways, i hope someone out there enjoys it as much as i do :)
i got this dress yesterday, it is just so simple and adorable!
i am working on setting up a place to take pictures, hopefully i will get that up soon!


  1. Your button up dress is awesome! I have been having a picture taking place problem as well, best of luck with yours.

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  3. Those are beautiful dresses. The first one is wonderful for special occasions, and the second is very pretty in its simplicity. <3

  4. Lovely! Simple is best sometimes :)
    I'm excited because I think I've found a place with good lighting and a nice background, only catch is that it's not in my part of the house so I have to make sure I don't get caught... haha. Although I go in there to iron, but it might be awkward otherwise!

  5. Amazing dresses. Love your style


  6. Such amazing finds! I love both of these. Ah, you look beautiful as always.

  7. what fun these dresses are! I do think the second one is especially darling!


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