enter to win this wonderful vintage sparrow scarf!

how you can enter
1. comment this post telling me anything. a fact, a story, anything you wish! i'd love to hear! ( 1 entry)
2. become a fan of "littledeervintage" on facebook (1 entry)
3. become a follower and comment this post stating that you did (1 entry)
you can enter three times. more times you enter, the better luck you will have of winning :)

the winner will be chosen using random generator next monday (the 23 of august)

good luck!!


  1. ohhh, cute scarf :)
    ^ that's my entry, hahaha.

    evil_eva12 at hotmail dot com

  2. i follow you via gfc with the name evil_eva12

  3. umm...you are my sister. (fact)
    i like this scarf. (fact)
    i didn't say goodbye to you this wknd. goodbye!
    (also a fact)

  4. fact: i am reading this while i am at work and meant to be working.
    fact: i enjoy reading this more than working
    smiley face :)

  5. That is a lovely scarf. I am already a follower and i hates peas. :)

  6. Beautiful scarf, I love the swallow print, very miu miu!!! I folow you on google reader and facebook and have left you a comment so is that 3 entries for me x

  7. Fact: I just started watching Mad Men lately. ALso reading Anne of Green Gables. I am always late with these kinds of things!


  8. Fact: I just started watching Mad Men lately. ALso reading Anne of Green Gables. I am always late with these kinds of things!


  9. Oh also have been following you via bloglovin for a long time :)

    Bea from A plus B

  10. My email is leah87@iinet.net.au

    I am already a follower.

    And one day I would like to be a librarian.

  11. I saw this scarf in your shop awhile in your shop and loved it. Unfortunately I made a promise to stop shopping for awhile so I gave up hopes of owning it. Now you're giving it away for free so this is meant to be mine!!

  12. Cute scarf! Thanks so much for following my blog, it means soo much to me!

    Corinne x

  13. oooh and I'm following you now too! x

  14. This is my super news, it's not related to scarves or swallows but I'd like to share: I got a new job! A job I really want! I'm so happy. :) It's teaching first year English Lit university students on a module called Landmark Texts, which is so exciting. I can't wait to start!

  15. Fact: I have an uber headache and finding out your giving this away made me feel better :)


  16. I've been a follower for a while :)

  17. I love your blog. :) Haha. Is that a random thing?

  18. This is my entry.

    When I was little and lived with my Grandad, I believed that there was a lion in our back garden called Henry. Every morning my Grandad would have me open the back door to let Henry in to have breakfast with us, he would put a bowl of milk down next to the other bowls of milk for the more domestic cats, and I would eat my breakfast waiting for Henry to come in for his milk.

    I also though Elephants laid eggs in trees.

    I miss my Grandad.

    I also follow you on Facebook [2nd entry]

    Follow your blog on my google reader [3rd entry]

    and have commented on this post! [4th entry?]

    I also really love that scarf!

  19. Fact: I stumbled upon your blog like 10 seconds ago.

    Love the scarf! I'm also liking your blog :)

  20. fact: just started my blog earlier this month and it's really fun! didn't expect people to actually read it... haha it's here at simplymaladroit.blogspot.com

    but just so this isn't a plug post, here's another fact! i made pizza yesterday from scratch, it was awesome

  21. i've had you in my bookmarks for a while but now i am officially a google follower :)

  22. oh lovely scarf! I would love to win :)

    Here is my random fact: Today I decided that I want to marry someone who looks exactly like Liam Hemsworth. Yes, it's true.

  23. oh i really do like that scarf, for it reminds me very much of the spring miu miu collection

  24. Fact: Today is me and my boyfriend's eleven month anniversary!

    Fact: And this is a very cute scarf.

  25. Your flickr is absolutely amazing, and one of my favourites out there. So inspiring. And this scarf is adorable (:


  26. i love birds in theory. they are so cute in designs but actual living birds kinda weird me out!


    jtwilson@ gmail.com

  27. yay, giveaway!
    a silly story:
    I thought this kind of thing only happened in movies, but one of these days I bumped my head in a lightpost while talking to a friend who was accross the street.

  28. Ooooooo..
    lovely scarf,
    there is a family of swallows roosting in my art loft right now.
    Little baby sparrows!! :)

    I am a facebook follower.

    :) Raia

  29. tee hee, I meant a family of sparrows

  30. oh cute scarf(:
    is it a family piece?

  31. i already am a follower (long time) ^^ <3

  32. sooo... the only thing I can think of to say is based on the post after this - ever tried moroccan mint tea? Lotsa sugar and a pile of big mint leaves, it's what got me on to the peppermint version as I can't get moroccan tea in canada. Growing some soon, I'm excited! that's my story: mmmmm tea and books!
    leilani/ penny (dot) coffee (at) live (dot) com

  33. 1. i'm ecstatic because I get to go to the Philippines in three weeks but no so much missing the whole first month of my senior year for it.
    2.check. I think i would like to see more accessories, perhaps for this fall/winter?
    3. yes, I am one.

    have an amazing day!
    love love love

  34. you have a very lovely blog.
    i've fanned on facebook :)
    and i'm trying to follow but it won't let me for some reason
    love lovelove

  35. hi. :) I am already a follower (I guess that counts?).
    and um.. a fact. I am still wearing my pajamas. but it's sunday, so I'm allowed.

  36. well i want you to know that i am out of my mind excited to discover your blog!

  37. andddddd i'm following you now... of course!


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