summer wishlist

currently adoring and longing for some new summer dresses.
UO has a plethora and one dresses that i just adore! as much as i hate paying for urban outfitter's clothing, sometimes you just have to do it. although i am a strong believer in thrift, UO is just too hard to pass up. oh, and their bathing suits are perfect. i am in desperate need of a vintage bathing suit.

i definitely need to make more of an effort to ride my bike more. thrifting just isn't as rewarding when you drive from place to place, do you agree?

if you can not tell by now, i am having major summer fever.

only THREE WEEKS LEFT ( can i get a hallelujahhhhh!?)


  1. wonderful. and hallelujah!
    I just caved and bought a vintage inspired two piece from UO.
    many, many beach days to come :)

  2. Excited for ya! I found a really awesome retro-inspired polka dot one piece while thrifting awhile back. I was really iffy about it at first because- well, germs but I made myself get over it.

    UO has great summer dresses and bathingsuits though. I love their summer collection :)

    A plus B

  3. Hi pleased to meet you

    loving your blog

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  4. Middle dress is far too gorgeous. I want to buy it and go wandering in the country picking wildflowers, or lounge on the beach eating ice cream and getting sand in my hair. It's the perfect summer dress. I know what you're saying about UO, and how expensive it is, I'm also big into thrifting but get sucked into buying things at UO because their stuff is so lovely sometimes and there's that great part about them having stuff in different sizes!

  5. Yes Ive been ooo-ing over vintage type bathing suits lately as well!
    I love that one, especially since Im really into blue and polka dots lately.
    Hurray for summmerr dreaming!

  6. mmmm, those dresses are absolutely divine!! (and i know, i'm coveting a vintage bathing suit at the moment too!) so jealous, it's almost winter over here, and i'm already longing for summer! x

  7. i found a GREAT vintage inspired bathing suit @ target online. half the price of modcloth and UO!!! :) love it!

  8. I'm desperate for a cute vintage bike with a wicker basket. I can just see myself pedalling about. Preferably with a small dog up front! :)

    Love the UO dresses and swimsuit. Their prices are just too much for me though! x

  9. Yay! I've been longing for a pretty lil' vintage swimsuit. Anthropologie has some perfect ones, but they're a bit pricy for me.

    But, I too am counting down the days until summer break. I ride my bike around a lot, but I think I need to upgrade to something that is a lot faster for the city. I have a vintage bike that's good for thrifting and cruising, but in a hurry it's no good at all.


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