awkward smile
sorry for the lack of blog post this past week. i really haven't found any inspiration to take pictures or find something to do a blog post on. i hate weird funks like these. i just haven't found the time for it! thank goodness summer is just a couple weeks away.
but anyways, how have all of you lovely peoples been!? i've been thrifting a lot, and finding many lovely antique treasures, sipping coffee, sitting on the beach, and picking wildflowers.

i wanted to use my disposable camera, so here are some random pictures.


  1. love the shots of sally loo's!

  2. your awkward smile is quite cute! : )

    your activities as of late sound just great. wish i could say the same.

  3. Great to read you again!! those disposables rock :) the colors are so great!

  4. Yay for the beach! It looks chilly though since you were wearing a coat.

    I have the most awkward smile on my blog too :/ That remedies itself in time I hope.

    B from A plus B

  5. I adore your blog! I'll definitely be following. xx

  6. look how tan you got! you're lucky-- my skin tone doesn't change the slightest bit year round haha. I wish the beach wasn't so far away from here!

  7. hey! thanks for taking some pics of the cafe. that is one of my favorite sketches in the book! you are lovely.

  8. i love your new blog header.


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