Eucalyptus has anti-virus, anti-inflammatory, and decongestant properties. Perfect for warding off a cold or sinus issues!
  Effie looking a bit unsure of it all.
   Just as I though I avoided the winter sickness going around - it struck. And got me bad. Sore throat, runny nose, headaches, you name it. I'm just thankful it's not the flu, although I feel like I'll jinx myself saying that! I've been loading up on zinc, vitamin c, cayenne pepper, and raw garlic for a speedy recovery. I've also been making one of my favorite steam concoction I threw together one night for Philip when he was having a sneezing attack (culprit spotted in third photo). It is refreshing and really clears you out. You can change a few of these ingredients depending on what you have handy - but here is what I use:

    - about two or three citrus wedge (I prefer to use oranges)
    - peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus leaves 
    - dried lavender 
    - tea tree oil 
    - peppermint castile soap, or if you have peppermint oil on hand that would work too 
    - water 

It is really quite simple. Place all ingredients in the water and put on a low simmer until it is almost to a boil. Place in a mug or bowl and cover your head with a towel or blanket.... now breeeeathe in.... much better! It really works like a charm. Bottle it up and save it for later in the refrigerator (it is best between 1-4 days).


  1. Perfect timing to see this as I try to battle the colds going around my family & work!

    Started following your blog recently and can't wait to see more.


  2. Oh, I have to try this!! I always use the Vicks bottles, but I like more natural things, so I'll have a go with this one! My sinuses have been going crazy the last few weeks...

  3. Children and pregnant women should not be exposed to eucalyptus steam inhalation. People with asthma, high blood pressure and epilepsy should also avoid it.

    Commercial refrigeration maintenance NJ

  4. Jack Lance - thanks for the information! It actually is safe for pregnancy - as it is just the leaves and not oil. As any essential oil, you want to make sure you dilute it with a carrier and use it sparingly. Aromatherapists find that this is a safe oil to use even around babies - as long as it is diluted and doesn't have contact with skin.
    I've also heard it being used to treat asthma patients by homeopathic doctors - but that's my personal take :)

  5. oh, the most cute fluffy cat catch my eye <3

  6. Perfect! I will definitely have to try this, I'm new to the cold weather and I have been hit hard this season with the cold weather sickness.


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    1. Hello I did this painting with one your photos. I hope it does not interfere with you! http://emiliedessine.blogspot.fr/
      (sorry for the douvble post...)

  8. Beautiful photos, thanks so much for posting this, and it's all wonderful information. I've been trying to get into more natural and organic care for my body, I recently ordered virgin coconut oil. I will try this out one day :)

  9. Great post. You look great!

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