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As I was gathering inspiration for a new post, I noticed that I was picking photos with a similar color palette.  I do that with thrifting as well; I come home with all blue finds. Funny how that works. 
I am taking a bit of a hiatus - perhaps only a few days, maybe a few weeks - to sort out what I want from this blog. Right now I feel like it's going every which way and a part of me wants to be more organized. Perhaps more personal posts rather than inspiration? More writing? I think my number one reason is to create better relationships and community with all you e-peeps. I'd love to hear your honest thoughts. What could change on this blog? What would you like to see more/less of? For now, I leave you with pretty pictures!


  1. personally, I always love your outfits and locations shown in photos- but I mean it's not like I'd storm out all huffing and puffing if you wrote more either. it's always nice to get to know people better through writing too. just make sure whatever you're doing makes you feel happy and alive, and not like a chore. if it does, stop.

  2. I love your outfit post, but I think you gotta do what you are most interested at! Perhaps if you love writing then do more of that, I would love to see anything as long it's from you! :)

    Have a lovely day!


  3. Oh love this inspiration post! And I always do, so I hope you won't stop making them ^^ But it's your blog, so you should do what you love the most, if you want to write more, just give it a go.

  4. i never believed that there should be a specific structure or order to blogging. maybe it is something that readers prefer. i'm not sure. i tend to blog according to my mood. on your blog, i like to see whatever it is that inspires you and maybe a little peek into your personal live. either through writing or photography. for example, the places you visit, favorite spots in your hometown, etc. whatever it is you're comfortable sharing with your readers.


  5. i hate your absense isnt too long, ij ust found your blog and fell in love with the inspiration posts and overall loveliness <3

  6. Your blog right now is absolutely whimsical and beautiful. I love your outfit posts and all your pictures are amazing and inspiring, but you should do what you feel is right! I know I would still be interested if you made more personal posts/ wrote more :) do what will make you happy.
    Beautiful post xxxx

  7. I just found your blog, and I love it!
    Your style and photography is so adorable!

    I'm a new follower for sure<3

  8. This selection is so good!!!!


  9. Just found your blog, it's so lovely!
    Love your photography!


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