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Teepee / Skirt /  Ice cream  / Fruit treats

As I write this post, I am visiting my family in Texas and sweat is dripping down my face because it's SO HOT!! ( yuck, I know) So all I am doing right now is day-dreaming of cool days filled with ice cream and light flowy skirts ( aka : being back in California, ha ). There is nothing more refreshing than frozen treats and fresh fruit while fighting the warmth of summer time - don't you think?


  1. I've been recently looking for something white and flowy for that very reason. Hopefully this heat wave stops soon!

    xoxo Sarah

  2. Ice cream and a light, flowy skirt sounds amazing right now!

  3. ah the teepee brigs back a lot of childhood memories.

  4. i love these little hues of pastel pink that are present in every image. trying to stay cool is all i seem to be doing these days. it's craziness our here!


  5. This is such an adorable post. All the pictures are really cute :))

    Lots of love,

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  6. I love the shoes in the second photo, and I have a skirt just like that although it doesn't flow quite like that. The colours of these photos is so lovely.


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