I recently discovered a technique called free lensing, and I cannot believe I didn't know about it sooner! I am really amazed by the depth of field and light it adds to photos. I am slowly but surely easing my way back into photography, which feels good. The other day I (very impulsively) purchased a Contax RTS,  and I can't wait to get out and play around with it! 


  1. simple and beautiful! i tried free lensing myself a couple of days ago. it looks much easier than it sounds. these came out wonderfully.

  2. very beautiful

  3. leyla. - I know, it is much easier than you'd think! I have to say though, it is a bit tricky to balance the camera and focus at the same time!

    bonzai - thank you!

  4. simple & beautiful. i was just reading a tutorial on that the other day...happy to see you've found such success : )

  5. Beautiful photos! Definitely want to try this technique! :)


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