Thinking of making this a set weekly feature, yay or nay? I love reading what other people find because I think it's amazing what thrift stores have to offer and the treasures you find for such a little price. Some days I get lucky, while others I walk out empty handed. This week, however, I hit the jackpot!

Left to right: wooden box (4) | mustard trimmings (3) thinking of using this for some type of project! | boots (3) | native american book (3) | 70s purse (6) | coffee carafe (4)

* if you are a central californian and are wondering of some places to thrift, my favorites are: California Cool (the cheapest and best all around), Saint Pat's ( cute elderly employees /best sweaters) Mission Thrift (best home goods), Goodwill (best dresses/shoes)


  1. I say YAY
    Love the font & the coffee carafe.


  2. You REALLY hit the jackpot! I love everything you found. Those boots are fabulous! XOXO

  3. I love the idea of making this a weekly feature! I have great interest in other people's thrifting finds as well. Glad to know I'm not the only one who's obsessed!

  4. wooowwow all of these are great. way to find some gems! also spot that zigzaggy printed fabric, heh hee! lookin goood (:


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