Rose Watercolor Dress
1. 70s Tapestry Bag 2. 50s Doctors Bag 3. 80s Dooney and Burke Wallet 4. 70s Tooled Leather Purse

1950 Victor Costa Party Dress

60s Brocade Gold Dress

1950 Picnic Dress

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pssst... help me out! When your cruisin' on etsy, what draws your attention to look at an item? Someone modeling it or just a simple picture like the one above?


  1. All those bags are just amazing. I want every one of them!

  2. beautiful! i'm drawn to your shop as it is. i think your photography is beautiful!
    i do like it when there is someone modeling the clothes so i can see the fit . . . but usually i am drawn to the quality of the photo.

  3. those purses are too cute! i really love the lighting in these photos too, good job!

  4. those pictures of you are absolutely amazing!


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