I rarely take pictures in my room because of the horrible light, but I got lucky one morning

1. My favorite box I thrifted years ago 2. Collection of special jewelry 3. Jewelry that belonged to my grandmas and my favorite turquoise ring 4. The most delicious perfume and a pretty succulent 5. Cluster of my favorite photos.


  1. That little green bowl in the last photo is my favorite thing! And on that note. . .I should probably go clean my room, haha.

  2. You've got a gorgeous room. I love the colour of your walls.

  3. I have terrible lighting in my bedroom as well :(
    Everything looks well lit in these photos though, I love the aesthetic.

  4. gosh these pictures are lovely!
    i can totally agree with you about the whole lighting in the room having to be right. thats one of the reasons i don't take pictures in my room either!
    ps i love the small terrarium!! it's the cutest!

  5. Love these pictures!

  6. Oooh I like seeing peoples nicknacks! thanks for sharing! the gold scissors look cool! x carrie

  7. Wow! I've just discovered your blog and I must say that I love it ^^.
    And I love your room too! All photos are wonderful. I've just reblogged them in my tumblr. I think you shoul take more photos, it would be nice to see the whole room :).
    I'm your new follower!


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