Mixed Tape no. 1

photo by me

Taking a break from all the picture editing to give you all some good tunes. I made this with foggy beaches, placid lakes, and tall mountains in mind. I just read a really great post via Destined to Design about slowing down and taking it all in. Ironic, because I was just reading Hannah Metz did for interview with Stylelikeu and she was talking about how people are always looking for the "what's next?" and "so what will you do now?" that it makes it easy to get lost in the future.

Holocene / Bon Iver
Orrange Sky / Alexi Murdoch
All The Years / Beach House
Sovay / Andrew Bird
Chasing After Deer / Midlake
Walls / Envy Corps
Look At What The Light Did Now / Feist and Little Wings
Intuition/ Chilly Gonzales
Hoppipolla Afturabak / Sigur Ros
Girl From The North Country / Bob Dylan
From The Morning / Nick Drake
Sky Blue Sky / Wilco
Farther On / Vetiver




  1. Listening now! I'm so glad you're home dear. I've been missing your posts!! PS You should send me those phootoooos : )

  2. love this whole playlist.
    i have been really loving andrew bird lately.

  3. What a lovely little mix. I'm thoroughly enjoying listening to it.

    P.S. Hope you don't mind, I added you on 8tracks. I love that website! It's such fun, isn't it? Just you wait, you'll be addicted soon enough. ;) (My username is krissy, by the way.)

    Have a lovely weekend! xo.


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