today I got to go on a shopping spree at ASOS thanks to the lovely jo, over at lost in the haze, who had a giveaway that I won!

in two weeks, I'm on my way to europe. we're going all over scandinavia and russia, and to tell you the truth, I have no clue what to expect! I've been all over europe but never to these places, so I'm excited! so, if I have any readers from these places, don't be shy and drop me a comment!
here are some outfits I wouldn't mind wearing. . .


  1. where is all this beautiful clothes from?!

    aw, im jealous! i wanna vacation all over europe.

  2. Eek! I am so excited to see what you pick!

    Lost in the Haze

  3. I'm from the border between Sweden and Finland(so up north it is) - The weather is nice up here anyway, often it's warmer down south.
    I've heard that Stocholm is one of the best places coming to streetstyle.

    If you want to see pictures of what it looks like up here, there are some on my blog.

    [http://nea-r.devote.se] - didn't work in the OpedID...

  4. oh! such cute outfits. that sounds like a wonderful trip...

  5. All of these looks are so amazing!


  6. oh yes these are good outfits. the shoes are the best.

  7. How exciting, I'm very jealous of your travel plans!
    If you have any questions or would like tips about Russia please don't hesitate to ask, I used to live there and go back to visit every few years and would love to give you any tips/advice.

  8. oh man these outfits are so perfect!

  9. where are the shoes from?? so lovely


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