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yes, it's true. another sale, but hurry because it wont last long! doing some spring cleaning, so if you see something that catches your eye, shoot me a message and give me a price! or use this nifty coupon code for 15% off by typing wildflower at checkout. I'm itching to get to a 100 sales so that I can throw a big ol party and give away things to you all, yaaay.


rebekah wearing a 60s plaid peacoat (30)

if you are interested in sponsoring, shoot me an email at tpaigekitto@hotmail.com.
I have very low rates, offer many goodies like interviews and giveaways, and I would love to have you aboard!

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  1. Hey lovely. Checking out your sale now! I don't have the money to sponsor you at the moment but I'd be interested in doing a swap for a month if you are?


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