I scored big time today while thrifting! when I was in line an older lady behind me who worked there told me she wore that yellow dress for her high school graduation in the 70s. I felt kind of weird for buying it, but either way, pretty cute fact about it, eh?

quick shot of what I wore today. I always mean to make "what I wore today" posts, but never get around to it!

dress/UO coat/ thrifted floral crown/ vintage forest green tights/ gap shoes / Rabbit Boxer
(they have an adorable collection of shoes!)

70s flutter dress
doily dress
I was searching all over etsy yesterday for the perfect crocheted dress, and funny coincidence, one magically showed up at the entrance of the shop today! I had to buy it, although it didn't fit me, lucky for you!
chunky wooden platforms


  1. That dress is so great! And I really love the little flower crown in your hair, I may just have to make one like that!


  2. I love old ladies in thrift stores. The other day I bought a set of vintage pyrex mixing bowls and the tiniest cutest old women told me to treat them well and that she got given that same set when she got married in the 1940's.

  3. omg i love your blog! just fell in love.


  4. What a lovely story about the dress. Your outfit is great too - especially the combination of bricky red and forest green.

  5. i love imagining the story behind vintage pieces, but it's cool that you know the actual story!
    your crown of flowers is beautiful

  6. I love your outfit, the green tights look great with the coat, and love the flower headband! That's a cute story about the old lady, I can imagine it being a bit strange but nice all the same :)

  7. so adorable. you've inspired me to wear my oxfords today :D

  8. That yellow dress is so pretty! I like the sleeves.

  9. lovely dress, I love finding out the history of garments! it's one of my favourite things about old clothing. i always imagine the most amazing woman have worn my favourite thrifted pieces.


    Caitlin Rose

  10. The dress with the flutter sleeves is too beautiful to describe with mere words!


  11. Wow, you truly did SCORE! It's a gorgeous dress. I love the sleeves. And what a wonderful coincidence. I'm sure she was happy someone else was going to love it.

  12. That dress is stunning on you! oh, how I envy your red hair!

  13. I'm the exact same way with outfit posts, I never remember to take them. THat crochet dress is lovely, and I love that you got to hear a bit of the history of the yellow dress x.x.x
    Casie Jean

  14. oh, my, those shoes are amazing, the heels are so cool!


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