the other day I bought a large pack of vintage photographs on ebay, as little thank you's for my shop. well, I kind of fell in love with a few of them, so I'm keeping these for myself ;) you can see more here.

I love this one. the back says something about Reid and herself having a friendly poker game. I could see myself hanging out with them, can't you!?

today in the mail I received the loveliest dress from clever nettle. I think I will be living in this dress for awhile, because it's perfect. I also bought a dress from a shop called rusty zipper, it's a 60s peter pan geometric print dress and it is the dress of my dreams. can you tell my passion for vintage dresses? can't wait for my boy to come home to have a proper photo shoot for both!

in other news, please keep japan in your prayers. donate here or click here for other ways to contribute!


  1. these old photos are beautiful.
    i have always loved looking through these type of pictures at antique stores.

  2. I love these it makes you wonder who these people were and what their lives were like, and if there even still alive

  3. Donated, worried, and hoping for the best with Japan.

  4. These photographs are dreamy - could look at them for hours! Sally x

  5. what a lovely collection of images!

  6. those are gorgeous!


  7. Blue suits your haircolor very nicely!


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