weekly inspiration

it is a known fact: I am addicted to etsy. I've been searching for a toggle coat forever, and finally fell in love with one that the blooming leopold sold and I also spent my pennies on this amazing sweater. can't wait to get them! the mail has been good to me lately, as it brought me a beautiful Lula magazine that I won in a giveaway. the glossy pages are filled to the rim with inspiration and beauty. oh, ALSO, my favorite artist emailed me and asked to trade a painting for some vintage goodies, and I happily agreed. so excited to see what magic caitlin shearer creates this time! so enough talk, here are some weekly inspirations for a happy friday.

an idea//




an old photo//

sources: (1:pinterest 2: secret squirrel 3: pinterest 4: scan from lula 5: jean shrimpton having breakfast in bed, 1965)


  1. Wow, how nice! I love Caitlin Shearer's work.

  2. this is a great post! I LOVE Lula! I can only find it at one place. and I live in a huge city, Chicago.

  3. I love the falsey lashes in that old photo.


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