watching pushing daisies, drinking a delicious smoothie. content.

wendy bevan is a true talent. she is one of a kind and makes me desperately want to try all kinds of techniques and film.

I recently discovered this blog (and by recent I mean ten minutes ago) and I'm drooling over every.single.image. she is such a mysterious, charming, and talented photographer. I recommend heading over to her blog to bask in the beauty.

last but not least, sully sullivan did this series of images that I just adore. check out the video!

I am thankful for beautiful people who inspire endlessly.


  1. Pushing Daisies is one of my favourite things in the world!

  2. How you manage to find such gems I will never know. Beautiful stuff (:

  3. no matter how bad my day is if I pop in pushing daisies it makes it all better :)

    this post is great btw! great photos!

  4. <3 pushing daisies. these photographs are really nice xxxx

  5. Everything is so charming. And Pushing Daisies, I miss it so much. <3

  6. Wow, these photographs are beautiful, thanks for sharing - will definitely be checking out more of her work! Sally x

  7. Wow the images by Wendy Bevan are just amazing. I wonder what processes she uses. Wow...


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