today the boy and I went looking for places to hike and and somehow managed to end up in a little country town. there we found a antique store so we decided to go in (naturally!) and there I met the nicest man. I asked him how much a big envelope of old photos was and he relied 'they're yours!', then we then proceeded to talk about how we hope film never dies and how great 35mm film is. I was so happy for lots of free pictures, because I collect them and they are usually a dollar each. weeelp thank you, pipe smokin' kind ol' sir! thought I'd share some :)


  1. these are really beautiful! I love looking through old photos and letters in antique shops. they have so much life to them.

  2. These are lovely, I like the bottom two best. And what an interesting thing to collect!
    Thanks for sharing your finds :)

    Holly And the Ivy

  3. Old pictures are always so great!

  4. So nice that he gave them to you! They look really great.

  5. how nice of him to just give them to you! i love old photos too, my great-aunt has a few amazing albums at her house, i always look at them when i visit.

  6. what a great story! what town was it?

  7. what a great adventure!! I wished my boy was like that. In away him and I are extremely different and honestly it gets hard since we have different interests. where is this town you speak of? It would be lovely to visit it one day.

    I hope you have many more adventures.
    hope to hear from you soon


  8. the second one is my favorite.
    so beautiful.

  9. fantastic photos. I love old ones - they've got so much soul, so much to say.


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