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happy day of love to all! this weekend my family and boyfriend went down south for my sister's white coat ceremony (she is gonna be a dentist!) and I got a terrible sinus infection, which put a damper on the weekend. I didn't even get to have my ricotta pancakes at ACE hotel in palm springs. :( I made it to the parking lot, only to go the emergicare for a painful earache. I am so over being sick! but on the plus, I was walking in santa barbara when a sweet stranger stopped me to tell me she followed my blog! I was kind of shocked because that was my first time someone has recognized lil ole me! tehee.

(chris craymer: romance)


hope everyone has a loved filled day- even if you're not in a relationship! love and hearts should be celebrated every day! love and enjoy the people that surround you.


  1. I am so sorry, I never got around to responding to your comment. I feel awful. But I want to thank you for checking out my old blog. Aww I've been following your blog for a long time now, so when I saw your comment, I was so happy. Don't know why I didn't respond though. I just got so bad for writing back. But new year, new blog (please feel free to check it out), must respond to comments!!!

    I adore this post and your new blog logo is amazing!!! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. What lovely photo's!

    I'm so happy you got spotted 'cause your blog is truly wonderful.
    Happy Valentine's Day (:

  3. those matching sweaters are just TOO MUCH. love.

  4. Oh my! That is too exciting that someone recognized you and was brave enough to come up and tell you!!! How wondrous!!! And in Santa Barbara no less. I have a special place in my heart for Santa Barbara as my boy goes to school there! :)

  5. happy valentine's day, sister. i love you! hope you are feeling better today.

  6. Happy Valentines Day! Sorry you were sick. :( Oh and I saw you at The Ragged Jubilee show at SLO Brew a couple of weeks ago but I kind of chickened out of saying hi.

  7. such a small town we live in. you should have said hi! I am very friendly and equally shy, hehe.

  8. ok, that first illustration is beautiful, but the last is insaely inspiring... I would love to try and make something like that from driftwood...


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