the other day I went on an etsy buying spree. does anyone else find it difficult not to buy things when they are just a click away? oh well, I don't regret it!

a 60s mini from courtney brooke. I can't wait for summer to wear it (although it isn't stopping me from wearing it now) and a gorgeous 50s dress from little ocean annie. she is the the sweetest gal with the best store. I promise to get more pictures in these because they are so peeerdy and these don't do 'em justice.

also this little wallet from the naked squirrel . it was only ten dollars and it's wonderfully crafted and handy.
added lots n lots of vintage today, and more will be going into the shop tomorrow morning!
vintage beaded purse

1.... 1950's sheer dress
2.... peter pan fancy blazer

this is a little sneak peak of the beginnings of a new little business project. handmade and vintage things!


  1. I get so addicted to shopping on etsy as well. I can't help myself, too many beautiful things! Love your purchases :)

  2. These items are so beautiful (I especially love the last one!)

    ...and additive? YES. Etsy and Thrift stores are basically the only places I shop! :)

  3. Those are really cool etsy shops! I love those two dresses! and that wallet is adorable!

  4. I still have yet to get myself something off etsy 'cause I know once I start I wont stop.

  5. awh these dresses are lovely :)

  6. i love etsy, because you know that you're helping someone out!

  7. so beautiful, etsy is pretty addictive, so is ebay tho, honestly, the fact you can get and idea of something in your head and then look it up right a way is not a good thing for an impulse buyer like myself. beautiful inspo. xo


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