there is something magical about an old photograph. I think they are the greatest source of fashion inspiration.

sighs and wonders have a wonderful selection of vintage photographs on flickr.
{ all of the images above found there}

so I ask you, and I'd love to hear. . .
what is your favorite decade for fashion? lately mine has been the early 70's. by that I don't mean bell bottoms and flowy tops, but more sophisticated such as tall tan boots, pea coats with fur collars, and lots of layers in yellow and green tones.
also, what is your favorite decade all together? I really love the 1920's because it was sort of a revolution for women, as well as teens. the victorians were such strict folk and it was such a drastic change from tight corsets to the loose flapper dresses. a really fascinating essay called " a flapper's appeal to parents" is one of my favorites. another favorite decade is the 1960's, for the exact reason! the change that happened from the victorian age to the 20's is very similar to the 50's to the 60's. although some aspects of the 50's were wonderful (aka fashion!), society was just so afraid to speak their mind (especially women!) and I love the voice and unity people had in the 60's.
annnnyways, there is your history lesson for the day. . . kinda :)
peace out, hippie scouts.


  1. I must say, i love love love the fashion of the 1920s for the exact reason you stated. The flapper dresses, and hates and accessories - I love it all. And once again, the 50s would came a near second to my favorite era.


  2. The 20's and 30' always seem to be the decades I revolve around.

  3. Old photos are the best!
    My favorite time period would have to be the 40's, there is something about the vibrancy and progressive nature in fashion at the time that has always fascinated me. Not to mention the movies they made then. Like Casablanca, loves it!

  4. While my favorite era changes from time to time, thanks to Boardwalk Empire currently it is the 1920s.

    However unlike everyone seems to assume, there was more to the fashion of the 1920s than the flapper look and cloche hats, there were many other equally captivating styles, so anyone that just jumps to the conclusion that the flapper was what the 20s was all about really needs to do their research in fashion history, please.

  5. oh yes yes, I definitely know there were other styles!!
    I am just saying that the reason why it was such a controversy was because of how the flapper's dressed, but yes, I know there were other styles. ha

  6. I must agree with you about vintage photographs! They always capture the moment so perfectly and make me yearn to live in that time for a day!
    Also your decades are very simular to mine (that I like) the 20's and 60's were such incredible times!

    Ayesha x

  7. Gahhhhh I love this post! Mostly because I'm a history major and am such a huge history nerd/lover! My favourite decade over all would definitely be the 60s mostly because of the social and political movements that occurred during this time and because the atmosphere was so revolutionary. In terms of fashion, I'm not so sure which decade I like best. I do agree with you that the 20s was a great era of fashion. I especially like how radical the fashion was from previous decades. Sorry for the extra long comment -this just made me really excited!

  8. i'd say my favourite eara was the late 50s early 60's looking back at the photos of my nan at this time there's this one where shes' standing infront of a motorbike wearing trousers that stop just before the ankle and a simpletop but its just so gorgeus. also Sylvia Plaths' style aswell as poetry really inspires me
    lovely post

  9. the 60's is definitely my favorite. although I did just buy the most lovely flapper-esque dress the other day...!

  10. The sixty's is what I live for right now! I love the music and television, and of course the hair, but most of all I think I love the cars! I've promised myself that one day I will own a 1960's volkwagen Bus, and name it Lola.
    As for fashion, I guess I've dressed more seventy's lately. I'm In love with blazers ,collard shirts,and boots.

  11. I would have to say my fashion era is a mix between the 70's and 80's. I don't know why, but I've always been fascinated with mixing textures/patterns. Also, I love photographs, but they seem to make me feel a little bit sad, like, I wish I could jump into them and get to know the people.

  12. Great post! I love old photographs. And the 20s are some of my favorite years to read and dream about...


  13. I adore looking at old photographs too. Not just for the fashion but for the pure nostalgia. I would have to say one of my favourite decades for fashion would be the same as yours except I'm pretty sure I'm being heavily influenced by all the 70s inspired collections that designers are putting out at the moment. My favourite decade altogether? I'd have to go to an era rather than a decade - definitely Edwardian. The femininity, the colours, the fabrics and details. I know its fussy but I'm pretty fussy myself :)

  14. I could never choose a favorite decade! I appreciate and see the beauty in every fashion and cultural movement. That being said, something about the early 60's just makes me happy. I got into the early 60's from watching A Hard Day's Night a really long time ago, and I feel like my look is still inspired by that time period.

    PS, if you like the 20's, you definitely have to check out Boardwalk Empire!


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