today is a lazy day.
watching remember me, cuddled in bed, drinking coffee.
it does not feel like summer.

painted my new type writer. much better than that green!

p.s. you must check out a wonderful new blog called littleowlwaltz. katy is the most genuine, sweet girl from the english countryside ( so jealous!!). she writes beautifully and has the most wonderful taste. anyways, check it out!

p.s.p.s. my etsy vintage store will be opening this week! it has taken awhile but finally i am ready! get ready :)


  1. Aw I love your typewriter! Mine's an ugly beige, so i may paint my too :-) Where do you get ink strips though, because the one in mine has run out :(
    Panda xxx

  2. how perfect. Does it still work? Do you have penpals? you should type little letters to everyone around the world. I was recently given a wonderful quill with a mother of pearl end,it's beautiful. so now my pen friends received a ink-spotted letters. I love the wonders of the lost arts.

    I'm looking forward to your etsy shop- i'm an etsy addict. x.x.x

  3. Your typewriter looks just wonderful!

  4. I love the movie Remember Me..
    And your typewriter is so lovely!

  5. Such a cute typewriter! Mine is electric, so it's not so pretty to just set out.

  6. You have such a pretty typewriter! I've wanted to see Remember Me - although I've heard it's incredibly sad.

    I'm so excited for your Etsy shop! I'm sure it's going to be perfectly lovely!

  7. your typewriter looks so lovely! your room is so very styley, super jealous!!
    yay so excited for your shop hope all goes well.x

  8. Oh that desk of yours is so pretty! I could just sit there all day and daze into the loveliness ♥

  9. aw wow I love this! Your type writer looks great. Also, i love that girls blog...thanks so much for sharing! x

  10. I really like your typewriter! I want to find one for myself.

    Funnily enough, the new color of your typewriter is the new color of my room!

    B from A plus B

  11. Ahh I'm so jealous of your typewriter and of that illustration on your desk! I've had it as a favourite on etsy for ages. I'm definitely going to buy it now x

  12. Your typewriter looks great! And I love the K and T. I've got to check out that blog. Thanks!

  13. Pure sweetness. So much excitement. I adore it all.

  14. Beautiful blog,beautiful pictures!
    Thank you for sharing!




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