dear thursday,
you are a rather lazy day. saw my favorite girl from korea, laughed my head off, went to bed at four, went to seaside cafe with aimee, and now i am finally relaxing before a ragged jubilee show.

this blog is missing something

or just needs something refreshing

& i need some inspiration and refreshment in my life

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  1. I think your blog is fantastic, although I can mirror your feelings about my own life and blog! haha. I think its winter, it seems to dampen everyones spirits ♥

  2. your blog is wonderful, i love it to bits.:)

  3. This is so lovely. I wish I could do embroidery like that.
    Sounds like you've had a lovely time.
    Sorry I don't comment enough. I truly adore you and your lovely blog! x

  4. i love your gorgeous blog!!
    please do not change your writing, i love it to bits,much love.x


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