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if i could be anywhere in the world right now, it would be a nice little coffee shop in portland or perhaps seattle. just sipping coffee, continently listening to people's conversations. i have a big urge to go travel right now, especially places in my own country ( america!) i've seen more of europe than here ( probably). i want to go on a road trip so very bad right now. visiting all of the southern towns, looking at old plantations and abandoned houses, and then a visit to savannah georgia. then make my way to florida and the west coast. perhaps stopping by maine and all of those places ( i love maine!!), and sit on piers and just watch the quiet life. i want to see utah and the beautiful desert and plateaus. and go to arizona and see even more desert!! phew, i am now done with my rant now. you should all tell me about where YOU live! tell me what you like about it.
well enough of my dreams, i have an AP psych exam on tuesday i am studying my toosh off for, but once i am done with that, it is all easy breezing! i am almost out!!!!

listening to moon river/ innocence mission
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  1. i live in the desert! in arizona. it's very very hot here right now. but thrift store shopping tonight made me forget that for awhile. :) and i'd rather be here than someplace snowy, anyway, because i love the sun so.

  2. I would love to visit america. I live in London and it's cold cold cold right now. Still boots and coats weather! But I would't want to live anywhere else :) x

  3. I live in Australia and it currently switches between hot and cold, our weather can never decide what to be. I love the bush and animals and everything about Australia but really i wish to live abroad and get a taste of living in some other lands.

  4. I live in Dubai but I'm originally Irish.

    About Dubai, I love the heat, that's the first thing that comes to mind.

    As tacky as it sounds, I love how fake it is. Everything is nice and shiny and perfect and new and everyone's nice and willing to help. It's so unreal but I love it :)

    It's my home, that's what I love about it. My home is where my heart is. Too many memories to let go of.

  5. I'm from Perth, Australia. It's pretty hot here most of the year and we have some of the best beaches in the world! Aside from that, it's a quiet city and one of the most isolated cities in the world. So expensive to fly anywhere!

    Love your blog, keep up the great work.

    - Jess

  6. I live in Norfolk, England. It's in the East and near the coast and very, very flat. Which is nice sometimes (especially for riding my bicycle) but sometimes feels a little strange, you can drive for miles and miles without the landscape changing a bit which is pretty unusual for England.

    I want to go on a road trip too, lots. Good luck with your exam!


  7. i live in australia too! on the east coast, in a tiny hamlet. i love that i am a five minute walk to the beach, a ten minute drive to the bush and a fifteen minute drive to the country. i also, love that my postman (brian) knows everybody's name.

    oh, and a quite like your blog!

  8. Goodluck with your exam, lady!

    I skimmed back and saw your post about An Education. I must have watched t like thrice in one week. I fell in love with Carey Mulligan and loved when she was dancing with her guy's best mate. They looked good together!

    PS. Did you draw your header? I love deer.


  9. Good luck with the exam! If you study you'll be fine, it's a pretty easy, straight forward test, albeit very long.

    I'm taking a road trip from Chicago(homeland) to NYC for my 21st birthday....can't wait.

  10. I live in Manitoba.
    The weather here is extremely moody..
    Right now its sunny for five minutes and then cloudy and windy and the other day it rained a bit. And the other day it was like plus 30
    and the other day it snowed.
    I live half in town and half in the country I love the fields and trees and pretty much everything about the country but the city has its people!

  11. Argh I wanna go on a road trip too so bad! Im sick of the town i live in right now!

  12. I live in Seattle, but this city and I don't really get along, so I'm moving back to the wonderful desert that is Las Vegas in August. Deserts are perfect. Wide open skies and golden sunshine keep me going

  13. i'd love to travel. i live in scotland, where the weather is a little chilly but its a rather lovely place, with lots of old castles and big big hills. id like to explore the uk a bit more, visit the cosey tea shops and sit on park benches, watching and reading. oh that would be lovely. much love, samantha ♥

  14. the last photograph is beautiful.


  15. Please, please come to Seattle and sip coffee with me! I would love to talk about anything and everything. It would be wonderful. (:


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