ello, hello! how has everyones weekend been so far!? last night i went to the beach to hear the MGMT concert, which was pretty amazing! it was so much more peaceful than being in a sweaty crowd of glow sticks and was much fun dancing on the pier to ' kids' with the full moon smiling down.
today we rode our bikes to the annual strawberry festival. it is a gathering of us tiny town denizens in which we celebrate the beginning of summer season. it really is just full of overpriced strawberry goods and bob marley clothing, dog jewelry, and fake louis vuitton booths. but, i love it anyways! the village is always one of those places where it warms your heart, no matter how boring it is. it has that stars hollow-ness about it, but slightly not as cool. i love exploring the antique shops and old museums.
oh, and a cute little grandma made my day. she said that it makes her happy when she sees kids like us because she is ashamed of our generation ( AMEN to that!). those are my favorite types of compliments. i think that all of my best compliments have come from elderly folk.

my second home.

i want to live here!! it is an old barn full of wonderful antique treasures.

being a usual dork.

oh and i must ask. how do you all feel about this dress!? i was thinking about buying it and putting it in the store, but i'm not sure.


  1. Beautiful outfit and photos, I love your style!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. That dress is lovely :)


  3. You must live in the cutest town!
    I would love to have such interesting stores in mine.

    The dress is cute too!

  4. your such an adorable couple <3

  5. Your so beautiful, and i love your little town.
    Panda x

  6. Oh I love this pictures, it reminds me of Sweden, an old swedish home...

    And i'm not a little bit jealous for you being on that MGMT concert!!!

  7. How pretty are these photos! The whole outfit is perfect and the picture of you and the boy is sweet. :)

    I especially loved that you mentioned Star's Hollow. A girl after my own heart! Haha.

    Perhaps you would agree that the elderly appreciate your kind of style much more than our peers. :P

    B from A plus B

  8. Love your whole outfit, and the dress is lovely.

  9. What a wonderful yellow dress! That is really cool about the grandma, too.

  10. Gorgeous photos. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

    I love, love, LOVE MGMT. I was out last night and when Kids came on everyone went wild. Love that song!

  11. you are adorable and the concert sounds fantastic.

  12. Those are my favorite kind of compliments also :) Cute photos, and that dress is adorable!


  13. I certainly agree, elderly compliments are wonderful :)
    Oh, also you and your bf are adorable :)


  14. ahh such a lovely post.
    i am SO jealous that you got to see MGMT. i love them, especially kids..it is my all-time fave :)
    the dress is cute too!

  15. That pic of you & her sweetie is too cute! Sounds like you had a delightful little mini getaway. P.S. AMEN to that granny's comment. Old people give the best compliments.

  16. I love your blog so so much. Everytime I come I just leave feeling so refreshed and happy. you are just lovely. <3 Your hair is just amazing. Hope you're having a great week so far!

  17. Very jealous of the strawberry festival/Stars Hollow experience you have going.

    You have no idea.

    Your blog is simply lovely. ♥ (and yes buy the dress)

  18. Oh my goodness! I love your blog, just came across it and have added you straight to my google reader :) Love love your dress~

  19. The dress is pretty, as is your blog. I can't believe this is the first time I ever visited you! Your blog is wonderful. :) Love, Daphne

  20. I love love love antique shops!! looks like a beautiful day

    btw that dress is cute!

  21. Once a woman told me she wasn't scared about her children growing up to become teenagers anymore because she saw that I wasn't like the rest of my generation & that their can be exceptions to the rule.
    I'll never forget that compliment.

  22. Here's a blog award from me to you. <3 (It's on my page: newdaypublishing.blogspot.com)

  23. beautiful photos and story of your day, you live in such a beautiful place.xx

  24. wow wow wow-looks so dreamy!!

    lovely blog here,

    **your new follower!**

    jess s//

  25. You are too beautiful! Oh it makes me very envious, I adore your hair and your beautiful clothes!
    A perfect post as always. You and your boyfriend are so sweet!
    I always feel inspired when i see your blog.

  26. You are so cute and I LOVE your dress and red lipstick!


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