i have been having a rather unprogressive day so far, so i decided to make a list of the things i love. i also took a few pictures, because i had a random burst of inspiration! ♥
forests, rain boots, the english countryside, blueberry tea, mint green vespas, photobooths, daydreams,
pale skin, midnight walks, happy and polite children who dress adorable, coffee, collarbones, singing in the car, april 14, the number 72, thigh high socks, messy hair, red lips, willow trees, shy and mysterious people ( the cool kind, not the creepy ones), neck rubs, mixtapes, subtitles, fairy tales, psychology, strangers showing kindness, medieval stories, bruises and scars, hot tubs, being alone, people watching, being in nature, the anticipation of picking up a roll of film being developed, big dogs, kind bloggers with beautiful words, white sheets and cozy beds, adventures, boys who are still polite and open doors, rainy london days, salmon burgers, convertible 1974 red vw bugs, finding wonderful treasures at thrift stores, mandolins.

on a side note, i will be opening my vintage clothing store this summer! i shall be posting some updates about that later.


  1. now screaming cuuuute at the top of my voice ;)
    such a wonderful collection of whimsical adorable things you got there :)

    kisses and cuddles :)

  2. I can't wait for a vintage store from you, I feel like you always have amazing stuff!

    lovelove, m.

  3. yay cant wait for vintage shop to open!! love this pretty outfit :)
    vicki xo

  4. That. Is a wonderful, wonderful outfit.

  5. mandolins. hehe.
    p.s. a vintage shop? that's exciting!!

  6. Your blog is nothing less than enchanting. I love every single post. This dress is so dreamy - and I cant wait for your vintage shop!! x

  7. Oh! So excited to hear you are opening a store, I hope it is where you will share your lovely lace dresses with us!

    Also, loving that flowering headdress! xx

  8. thats so exciting - good for you! i love your outfit too -so perfectly whimsical

  9. As you allready know, I love your work :)
    Made a post abpout you today by the way...

    My own shop is in Sweden, say hello if you ever stop by ;)

    Love from

  10. oh good luck on your shop! and what a great hat!

  11. Your blog is so nice and you have really adorable fashion sense! I'm looking out for your store now!


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