some favorite pictures from this week! hope everyone has a faaaab weekend. i think i might accomplish some artwork this weekend, and maybe put it up. winter formal is also this weekend, and as much as i'd like to get a pretty dress and my hair done, i think i'd rather skip the grinding and overload of t-pain to see dear john with a real cool cat. don't you wish dances were still done 1800's or 1950's style? oh, how i wish it were like that! me oh my, do i sound like a grammy or what!?


  1. Who makes that wedding dress? I must have it!

  2. lloooovveee that second pic taylor! thanks for sharing!

  3. so so pretty. i want to watch marie antoinette now. :)

    oh i agree, i wish dances were still like the days of old. wouldn't it be so much fun?! well, it would be fun for old fashioned hearts, at least.

  4. that was marie antoinette in her casual dress for petit trianon :)


  5. I haven't seen your lovely blog in so long since I've been so busy, but it's just as wonderful as ever! Such adorable pictures. I hope you're doing wonderfully as well!

  6. I completely agree! I'd love to have dances like they did in the 1800's! (or the 30's, 40's, and 50's! I just love the big band and swing era and all those lovely motion picture musicals.)

    Beautiful pics!

  7. i love these pictures, especially the third one :)


  8. Thank you darling for the lovely comment! I've added you to my blog roll :)

  9. wow, these are all ever so beautiful and inspiring <3

  10. I responded to you on my blog but then I realized it may be a good idea to respond on your own!

    Thats great. They really are wonderful animals! I had two when I was younger and promised myself I'd have another when I had my own place, and the time has come. Its great that they're such a respected breed too. Usually you have to pay a hell of a lot of money for them but we got ours from a rescue. Is yours from a breeder or elsewhere?

    Thanks very much for following and I'm glad you like my blog! I update as much as I can but school takes away most of my creativity time so it may be slow until summer time. Your blog is just beautiful, I will make sure to follow you as well :)



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